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30 Digital Marketing Checklists – You must follow

Digital marketing strategies are changing in every week. It is so tough to keep updated with them. For this reason, I have made a fantastic post where I will update the strategies regularly. If you think you need to follow the latest methods, you can keep the post bookmarked. I will discuss 30 digital marketing checklists and cheat sheets. Certainly, it will make the life of the marketers’ easier.

The post will cover the full checklist of digital marketing to content marketing strategies. Not to mention, I will remove or add any ideas with updated one from the backdated. Happy to say, the post will be the most effective ways to make the marketers useful. Let’s talk about the best digital marketing checklists.

Best Digital Marketing Checklists and Cheat Sheets:

Do you need to make marketing plan or are you looking for the most effective content marketing strategies, you can check the updated checklists. So, why late? Let’s discover the best digital marketing checklists.

1. Follow the content marketing periodic table

Periodic Table of Content Marketing

The Periodic table is focusing all the terms of content marketing. As content marketing is the most effective ways for promoting your content. You can follow the terms to become the boss in the content marketing industry. Markedly, you will get all the steps of content writing to promotion. Surely, it will help you to generate great content for your blog.

2. Best Email Marketing Methods

Email Marketing is considered as one of the best ways for bringing visitors and converting it into potential customers. For this reason, you need to apply in a great way. Important to realize, the content in the subject, footer, and overall design is very important for getting the right feedback. To clarify, you can learn the best email marketing method if see this evergreen guideline of HubSpot.

3. Know the actual image size for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and More

We know visual content is very effective on the social media. When your images are eye-catching and relevant to the content, then it will undoubtedly increase the engagement. But we give less importance here. At the same time, it is a tough work to remember the actual sizes for each social network. You can check this useful infographic to keep in your collection for image sizes on most of the social network. It will help you to get the appropriate image size and how you can implement it.

4. Advanced Content Marketing Checklists

Truly, writing engaging content is very hard. At the same time, it is hard to promote them in the right places. On the other hand, you will get the problem when going to track where you have promoted and where not. For this reason, getting the right strategy is always tough, but you have to do it for getting huge clients.  Check the full content marketing checklist from here.

5. Retargeting the audiences

You may need to retarget in some areas for potential readers. You have to check which one is working fine for you. You can check this list for learning how to retarget the audiences. Notably, retargeting is a good practice to get reliable visitors all over the time.

6. Implement SaaS Matrics

It’s an amazing guideline from Chart Mogul. You will know why it is necessary and how can you implement it. It has covered the full tactics into two pages. You can check and download now it from here.

7. Digital marketing Checklists – SEO Cheat Sheets

Digital marketing Checklists – SEO Cheat Sheets

We all know about MOZ – the leading SEO giants. They have made amazing cheat sheets who wants to learn SEO from the basics to advance and wants to implement it. Let’s check it from here.

8. Complete Inbound Marketing Checklists

This amazing checklist has covered the complete guideline for inbound marketing. You can check it from here. It is basically an EBook. It has expressed all about inbound marketing. It has covered why inbound marketing, what is it and how can you apply inbound marketing.

9. Content Writing Checklist

As an online marketer, you have to work with various content writers. On the other hand, you will need to check the content if everything is okay. Similarly, you have to optimize it according to SEO. At the same time, you will need to format it correctly. Where will you get the appropriate solution? You can check the complete checklist from here. Not to mention, here you will get content support including writing, checking, formatting, optimizing, and much more.

10. 101 CopyWriting Techniques

Actually, it’s a masterpiece in the copywriting industry. You will get the total Dos & Don’ts for copy-writing. It has mentioned how you can make your writing content amazing and how you can make it must read. It will help you to format the content accurately. Let’s check the guide from here.

11. Best Google AdWords Cheat Sheets

Google AdWords is a (must need) tool for every marketer. For the first time, it can seem bit confusing. You may search here and there, but they are not complete. If you want to get the full Google AdWords cheat sheets in an infographic, check from here.

12. Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO Checklist

Local SEO is the very effective way for ranking in a specific area. But where will you get the full guideline? This checklist has covered all the aspects of local SEO clearly. You will get the complete guidance from on-page SEO to off-page steps. You can check it from here.

13. Social Media Marketing Checklist

Social media marketing is considered as the best and most effective tactics for boosting your website. Marketers are trying to find out the different tactics. Admittedly, this checklist can fulfill your wish. This guideline will help you to learn the appropriate method of social media marketing as well as it will teach you how can you get the exact results for social media promotion.

14. Complete checklist for Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion method can be a bit confusing when you are very new. You can check the checklist from here to know the A to Z guideline for CRO.

15. Google Analytics Cheat Sheet

Google Analytics helps you to track the data of your website. It’s an essential tool for every marketer. But the dashboard can confuse you. This short checklist in PDF can help you to get started with Google Analytics easily.

16. The Complete SEO checklist


This complete SEO checklist has covered everything for on page and off page SEO. If you want to check if anything is missing on your blog or website, then it can surely be a masterpiece. Similarly, this is the evergreen checklist for digital marketer. With this in mind, it will show how can you optimize the content and your website for the best performance on the search engine. Check the complete SEO checklist from here.

17. Blogger Outreach Checklist

If you own a blog, you know the benefit of blogger outreach among the industry influencers and fellow bloggers. Most of us are applying the old method of blogging outreach. You can check the updated method from here for effective outreaching of your blog. Similarly, you will learn how can you outreach effectively and what are the best practices.

18. Site Audit Checklist

Auditing your site completely in a month or after several months is necessary to check if everything is going okay. But it can be tough work if you do not know the exact method and how it works. For this reason, this checklist can work as complete documentation for site auditing. You can do it individually if you can apply it accurately.

19. Analytics Cheat Sheet for Advance using

It has discussed some advanced usage of Google Analytics. At the same time, you will get some basic instructions and the using procedures. Let’s check it now from here. The checklist has been kept in Google Sheet. So you can take it as yours easily.

20. Startup Launch List

If you are going to start or launch a startup recently, you can check the list of updated tips and procedures. It will help you to build a startup simultaneously. Similarly, it will give you the idea of raising partners and funds or investors. Simply, it’s the overall concept of establishing a startup.

21. The Social Platform Cheat Sheet

Social media checklist

As social media is the best way to get valuable readers on a blog, we need to know the right use of it. Let’s follow the checklist from here. After all, you will get the most popular social media and their targeted area and how you can use it.

22. .htaccess Cheat Sheet

We have to use .htaccess for redirecting any page. But here need some technical terms to do it accurately. In the hope that, you can learn the basics and the redirection process within a short checklist. Check it from here.

23. The complete guide to Twitter Marketing

Twitter is a great way for bringing potential visitors in your sites. But it needs some tricky ways to do the task in the right ways. To point out, you will find here a complete guideline for promoting your business on the Twitter. In reality, Twitter is a great place for getting targeted visitors than any other social network.

24. Advanced search guide on Google

Working with Google is the primary task for digital marketers for SEO and ranking purposes. Moreover, you can learn some advanced techniques for getting help from Google. It’s very effective to get any information easily. Let’s check the cheat sheet for getting the advanced search guide in a PDF.

25. Landing Page Checklist

When you want to make more conversion, landing page works very fine. It will work when you can add all the elements here. If you skip anything important in the landing page, it can give you the opposite results. For this reason, you can check this cheat sheet to make the landing page more efficient.

26. Usability Checklist for a website

There has no alternative of working without websites. So, we try to do optimization or creating the website for promotion and professionalism. But what it would be if there stays user experience problem? For this reason, you need to check it after several periods of time. You can do it by this complete checklist.

27. The complete Google Algorithm Cheatsheet

Google updates their algorithm in every day. But do you know how does it work? Neil Patel has made a great checklist for it, and he is updating it regularly. It will help you to learn how you can adjust with these changes and how you can use it in the right ways. Let’s check it now from here.

28. The ultimate cheat sheet for Keyword research

When needs to rank a page, here needs the complete guideline of keyword research. In that case, Here you will get a complete checklist for getting high valued keyword and how you will implement it.

29. WordPress SEO cheat sheet

WordPress SEO

WordPress is the most popular and easiest ways to live your blog today. For this reason, SEO on WordPress is necessary. As most of the bloggers are using it. Let’s check the guideline from here. To the end that, you will learn basic to advance in this checklist. Similarly,  you can set up your blog with basic search engine optimization.

30. Website Launch Checklist

When you are going to launch your website, you need to confirm some things. If you can do it accurately, then it will give you the best results on the search engine as well as user satisfaction. Check from here the complete checklist before launching your website.

Now it’s your turn…

Finally, I have come to the finishing point. If you can follow all the above checklist, you will surely do better than any other traditional marketer. Similarly, those who are running the business, they will also get the same benefit for making your business or blog different from other. This guideline will be updated if I get the best resources anytime. So, you can depend on it.

By all means, if you get this digital marketing checklist helpful, then refer it to others by sharing.  If needs anything help then express it from the comment section. Thanks in advance. 🙂

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