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How to Choose a Perfect Web Host (5 Expert Tips)

It’s a common problem of us feeling hesitation for choosing the best web host. If you are one of them, then you are not wrong. There have many providers who are providing worst services. How will you choose the best services among them? Do you want a great solution for choosing the right host now? Don’t know How to Choose a Perfect Web Host? This post will help you to get the most affordable and reliable host.

I will discuss here all the aspects of hosting in the side customer needs. If you are running or want to start small, medium or profession business website, then this guideline will help you to get the proper solution.

How to choose a perfect Web Host:

Here I will cover the basic of hosting. I will discuss the different types of website, actual prices, and support which is very necessary before buying it. Let’s take a look at the topics How to Choose a Perfect Web Host?

How to Choose a Perfect Web Host

1. Learn the types of hosting with facilities and requirements:

When you want to choose a web hosting, you should know some basic concepts about hosting. If you don’t know which types of hosting needs for your next website, how will you get the appropriate package? For this reason, I’ll tell about the online hosting procedures first.

If you choose a dedicated hosting for a personal website or if you decide some so-called cheapest shared hosting for an online store how will you maintain high traffic? With this in mind, take a look carefully about the most popular hosting terms from the below to understand which hosting plan is necessary for you.

  • Small or medium business – Shared hosting

Firstly, you should know what is shared hosting? Shared hosting offers the same server with several customers. That means here a hosting package is spilled with different small parts. Then they provide it to the different customers. Sometimes it hosts hundreds or thousands of website into one shared hosting.

Shared hosting is less complicated and simple. You have no work to set it up. Most of the users take shared hosting as their first time hosting plan. Then understanding the need, he migrates into VPS or dedicated later.

With this in mind, shared hosting is suitable for small or medium business. If you run a personal blog or resume site where you will host limited files and resources, then you can go for shared hosting.

  • Fast-growing websites – VPS hosting

Contextually, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. It is the combination of shared and dedicated servers. That means an actual server is divided into different virtual machines and it works as like an independent dedicated server.

Those who want to run fast-growing websites, they can get the most reliable solution for VPS hosting. It’s not a limited resources hosting, and it acts as like the dedicated servers. For this reason, you can control all the things with your own wish.

  • Maximum Server Resources and Security – Dedicated hosting

Yes! It’s the giant in the hosting world. If you need high performing and more secure hosting, then dedicated servers are the best solution for you. You will get an entire server here. You can run any type of website and web application in this hosting. On the other hand, here you will get the complete control of your servers. You can do anything including customizing security systems, running the new operating systems and much more.

The dedicated server always comes with high performance, security and top-notch hardware. Though the price is high, you will find a lot of advanced features. For example, automatic backup facilities, automatic migrations services, dedicated IP addresses and your desired operating system. To put it another way, it is the total solution in one place.

How to Choose a Perfect Web Host

2. Select types of your website

Sometimes your website platform select which types of hosting you need. Suppose, you are opening an e-commerce site, that means you need a hosting which encourages eStore facilities more. On the other hand, if you launch a blogging platform website, you have to go a hosting plan which gives importance on blogging and SEO.

Let’s see the different types hosting with the changes of website types. 

  • For Blogging – Choose WordPress Hosting

Recently, WordPress has achieved the most used blogging platform, and 27% of the total website has been built with WordPress. WordPress provides extra facilities for writers or bloggers. You can install WordPress with one-click only. On the other hand, some hosting providers offer unlimited space and bandwidth with dedicated resources for WordPress. So, for blogging, WordPress hosting is the best solutions.

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  • For Online store – Choose e-commerce hosting

For selling online anything, you will need an online store. Statistics show that customers like to buy online products from an online store. With this in mind, if you want to build an online store, you have to take hosting which provides dedicated support for an e-commerce store.

The specialty on e-commerce hosting is that it will provide extra take care on security systems. Here needs to provide payment options with Paypal or credit card. Similarly, e-commerce hosting provides eStore templates and user-friendly access to shopping cart software. The easy options for email marketing will get priority on the e-commerce hosting.

  • Resume or online portfolio – Choose budget hosting

With the increase of digital business and services, job providers are taking digital resume or portfolio as the extra quality. You would not need to prove yourself as an expert in the IT world. As basic technical knowledge is a must need qualities in the VIVA board. Job seekers have got that it’s very effective to get a high-quality job in renowned institutions and company. Here you can go with the budget hosting plan.

  • Personal Website – Choose low budget and fast hosting

If you are tech savvy or want to make exceptional, you can run a personal website. For achieving authority, it can surely help you. For sharing your next activities or events or sharing your experience for traveling a new place, a personal website plays a great role. For this reason, you can go for a low budget shared hosting.

  • Business website – Choose secure and high-volume hosting

If you have a traditional business and don’t want to sell online, you need to keep your virtual presence too. It is for increasing branding recognition. For this reason, it is must need to provide information to customer support by online. Here, you will need securer and high-volume hosting. If you fail to choose the right one, it can damage your reputation too.

3. Know the basic of hosting configuration and your needs

Technical features of web hosting may confuse you. Most of the providers are offering the unlimited resources including bandwidth, storage or accounts. But do you know where they are limited? When you ask me how to choose a web host, then I will recommend knowing the basic terms of web hosting. It will surely help you to choose the best one.

  • RAM and storage types

Most of the hosting providers offer unlimited resources, but in technical terms, it’s not possible. Anyway, RAM is for processing the data fastly and getting and providing the data quickly. On the other hand, storage offers how much data you can host. With this in mind, you have to give more priority for knowing the exact amount of RAM and storage they are providing.

Important to realize, SSD (Solid-state drive) is faster and reliable than traditional hard drive data. For this reason, you should check it which one can fulfill your need.

  • Bandwidth and data transfer

Bandwidth impacts more on data mining. If you want to upload or download anything fastly, it will depend on bandwidth. You can refer the bandwidth as data transferring rate. Depending on bandwidth it will define how quickly the information will be shown. Similarly, it will select how fastly more visitors can access your data. So, bandwidth is essential terms when choosing a hosting plan.

  • Domains and email

Generally, domain and hosting are two different terms. You can buy the domain and hosting from the separate or same places. Some providers offer free transfers and migration of your domain or hosting. Even some offer a free domain with hosting or free hosting with the domain for one year. I will recommend to choose the host first and take the domain from the same providers to control it easily.

The email associated with your domain name is very much needed for branding. On the other hand, providing auto response and using custom services, email services with your hosting can help you most as a business owner.

  • Uptime and reliability

Keeping your website accessible for all the time is essential. If you can’t provide maximum uptime of your site, it can damage your reputation. Your brand can be lost. Amazon expresses that only 3 or 4 hours of inaccessible of their site in a year make them lose $150 million. With this in mind, 99% to 99.9% uptime is necessary for your customers and branding.

  • Security and support

It’s very must need to keep your website secure. Though most of the time administrator is liable for the risk of his website. Maybe he is not using a good password or doing behavior which is understandable. Though the hosting provider can’t deny the security risk. For this reason, take a service who provides reliable services with security scans for firewall or security add-ons.

On the other hand, customer support for technical cases or any other reasons is very must need for a hosting provider. You should check their feedback in different places or talk with the users about their customer support. A good hosting provider is dedicated to 24/7 support with the support ticket, live chat or phone call. So, confirm it before taking a service.

4. Pricing modules of Hosting:

It may confuse you the actual pricing modules. But it’s true for catching excellent services you will need to go to the premium plan, not a free one or who provides the services as like freely. In this section, I will take the different modules and their pricing category.

  • Why not a free hosting?

You can get some free services with the subdomain, but it’s not professional. On the other hand, you can pick a service who offer free services with your own domain, but it will be slow, or the company is fraud. So, it’s the right decision to go with a premium plan.

  • Is cheap hosting plan always wrong?

Not at all. If you find a good provider, they can offer you the best services. You have check their feedback and features before taking the service.

  • What about virtual and dedicated servers

Virtual and dedicated hosting is suitable for all types business needs. If you want the complete solution for your virtual space, then you can go with it. One of the things you will be happy to know that virtual and dedicated servers will take you the money what is being used by you or your customers. Though many of the providers may not give the same facilities.

5. Choose a host which can fulfill your needs:

Now it’s your time to choose the best one with your needs. If you run a personal, resume or blogging website, then you can try first the shared or budget hosting. For blogging platform, all the hosting will support the WordPress.

On the other hand, you can choose the VPS or dedicated, if you desire you will get huge traffic, and you need more reliable and fast hosting services. Never forget to check the bandwidth, storage, and RAM. The bigger you take, the chances of fast loading, delivering and transferring the data will be good.

6. Best web hosting services – Faith Host:

Why is Faith Host more reliable and affordable?

  • Because it provides the services with the best value.
  • On the other hand, the tools, software, and the control panel are great in VPS hosting of Faith Host.
  • Faith Host is providing the best-dedicated server.
  • Faith Host is very reliable for blogs/WordPress.
  • You can get the proper eCommerce hosting from here.

Now It’s your turn…

Finally, I’m in the finishing point of the post “How to Choose a Perfect Web Host.” Now you are not alone. You know a lot of things about the hosting technology. So, buying the host will be the easiest process now. Follow the above condition and take time to know the features and take a decision to get the best hosting plan for your next website.

If you want to know anything more, you can share your thoughts with us from the comment section. Above all, if you get the article helpful, you can share the post on your favorite social media. Thanks in advance. 🙂

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  • Very well written step by step guideline choose the best host service for Website. I think server environment is also a key factor for Speed and reliability of web server. In shared service ram allocation and CPU allocation per user is also a key factor. Thank you.

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