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How to start a WordPress blog (The Complete Guide)

Are you looking for the complete guideline to start a WordPress blog today? Yes! You have come to the right places. Web Hosting Learn is trying to provide you the full support for setting up and starting your newbie blog.

If you think you should live your blog today with WordPress, then this guideline will help you to set it up right now. You are not alone. You have got me, and I will try to give you full support with the proper screenshot for setting up your WordPress blog.

Let’s start to learn step by step for building your first blog today. You don’t need to become massive tech-savvy. If you can follow the guidelines, it will be a fluid process.

What is WordPress?

Do you know WordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS)? Important to realize, 58.7% of websites from CMS are built with WordPress. On the other hand, it’s the average of 27.5% of total websites. Not to mention, 10 million+ websites has been built with WordPress.How to start WordPress blog

WordPress is a web platform where you can build a website or blog within an hour. A lot of plugins are the beauty of WordPress. You can make a dynamic and most user-friendly website with the use of plugins. Another key point, most of the plugins and themes are free, and you can set up the WordPress freely also.

If you know some basic terms of the web world, you can easily set up a blog with WordPress. Let’s set up your first blog and take a look at the building and customization of WordPress.

Preconditions before starting a WordPress blog:

Before launching your first blog, you have to confirm the three things first.

  1. Buy a perfect domain name (For example webhostinglearn.com)
  2. A fast web hosting (I will discuss it later)
  3. Now follow the below things step by step (It will take a maximum of 1 hour to set up your blog accurately)

In this tutorial, I will cover the A to Z guideline for setting up your WordPress blog. You can see the outline first…

  • Choosing a domain name and a great hosting provider
  • Installation guideline of WordPress
  • Selecting a WordPress theme
  • Writing your first blog post
  • Installing Plugins and customization
  • Monetization
  • Mastering WordPress for making it more dynamic

So prepare yourself mentally to set up your first blog and let’s start to build it now.

Step 1: Set Up Domain and Hosting

Maybe you have heard WordPress is totally free. The plugins and themes are also free of it. But one thing you need which will cost you little is buying domain and hosting. Do you know what domain or hosting is?

A domain is the name or addresses people will find you. For example, goolge.com or webhostinglearn.com. On the other hand, hosting is the space where you can upload the data and files of you which you want to show in your domain address.

You can buy the domain from many places as like Speed Host Yes! Speed Host is providing the most reliable and affordable hosting services too. You can contact the customer support of them to take the services right now. They are available in the live chat also. It will take only 5 to 10 minutes to provide you the services.

Now you have got the domain and hosting in your control. It’s time to go to the next step.

Step 2: Installing WordPress

Hey! We’ll install the WordPress now. For this reason, you have to enter in the cPanel dashboard. A cPanel login information will provide you the hosting provider. Speed Host is ready to provide you all the necessary things within minutes.

Now You will need to login into your cPanel and scroll the dashboard. You will find a lot of shortcut icons here. You will need to go to the Website area, and you will find the WordPress icon as like the screenshot.

You will need to click here for setting up WordPress as your web platform. It will take you to the setup page. Here you have to select the domain name. Similarly, you should provide the blog name, URL types, username and password. Never keep the email area empty. In next, it will tell you to choose a theme. You can skip this field. As we will choose the theme later. Now click “Install WordPress.” It will take only 1/2 minutes only to complete the whole process.

Installing WordPress

You have installed WordPress in your blog. Now check the email, and you will get the confirmation message. Are you feeling excited about setting up your first blog? I can remember the day of mine when I ran my first blog with WordPress in 2012. Let’s do the next step to complete the blog for the first time using.

Step 3: Choosing a WordPress theme

WordPress is very innovative for its thousands of free themes. You can change the total outlook of the website by only changing the theme. By default, You will get a theme from WordPress (For example, Twenty Seventeen). It’s a good theme with clean code. Though a lot of users are using it. For this reason, to give a unique look you can choose any of the themes which are available for free. You will also get a lot of premium themes. Though for the first time a free one is good for starting your blogging journey.

If you want to choose another theme for giving more humor on your blog go to the below menu from the dashboard Appearance » Themes.

Now you will find Add New button, click here and choose a theme from your desired need and design. You can filter the list by most popular, latest or by controlling your own filter.

WordPress Blog

When you have chosen one of the themes now click the install button. When it will finish installing, now click on active the theme. If you visit your URL now, you will see that the theme is already active. Before installing you can see the preview of the theme also.

It’s time to customize the theme to your needs, logo, column or custom footer text. You have made your first journey of setting up WordPress. Now you can start publishing your post. (I will discuss the advanced method of customizing WordPress and plugins later, so keep reading).

Step 4: Writing your first blog post

If you want to publish your first blog post, go Posts>>Add New menu, and you will get the working area and an editor here. Write something here with a title. Now click publish. Though you can see the preview of the post. You can add images or video here too. On the other hand, you can keep the post as a draft to publish it later.

Writing Your First Blog Post

You can select a categories or tags to organize the post correctly. Now visit the website and see that your post is live.

Some common questions come, what is the difference between post and page and how can I create the custom categories and menus. I will discuss it later. So stay with Web Hosting Learn.

Step 5: Installing the Plugins and customization

After publishing your first post, you will need to add many things to make the blog more dynamic. If you want to add contact forms, sliders or if you want to index the post into Google, you will need to install plugins. I have told you before that maximum must need plugins are free, and you will get 50k+ free plugins to make your blog awesome. You can check it from the WordPress plugins page.

You have to install the plugins with your demand, and I will try to write another important post about must need plugins after setting up your WordPress blog. Now keep writing on your blog to make it valuable to the users and getting popularity among the web world.

Step 6: Monetization

We run our website or blog for getting money after some days. Though you will find a lot of bloggers, who are maintaining their blog just for a hobby. You can also do it.

At the same time, if you want to generate income from your blog, you have a lot of options including AdSense, Affiliate or direct ads. I will discuss all the things later step by step.

Always remember, monetizing your blog will need hundreds of valuable pieces of content. If you can add more content daily or weekly, it will surely bring huge visitors from the search engine. Significantly, it will pay money for you. Important to realize, it will need hard work for writing content and ranking it on the search engine including Google.

Step 7: Mastering the WordPress

I have discussed in this tutorial only the fundamental of maintaining and running your blog. If you want to master WordPress, you will need to learn some other things. For example, how can you make the blog user-friendly? How can you add the sticky post? How can you bring huge traffic into your blog? Much more…

Never lose your hope. Always remember Web Hosting Learn is ready to help you for making a career in the digital world. With this in mind, we will discuss all the essential things for making your blog updated and user-friendly. Stay with us, and you can subscribe to us also to get the latest post in your mailbox.

Wrapping it now…

Now I’m at the finishing point of the tutorial. If you have any questions regarding starting your blog, you can ask me from the comment section. I will come back to solve your problem. If you get the tutorial helpful, share it on your favorite social media. Thanks in advance and congratulations for setting up your first blog. 🙂

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